Have not updated this blog for.......centuries now.LOL However, I thought I'll try to post something about my new obsession and that is....

A fantasy/Sci-fi series from the UK. It was actually shown here in the US on NBC 2 years ago but was not well received. But if you have Syfy channel, they show it during winter season on January.

Of course I got hooked on it because of this guy:

His name is Bradley James. The man is charming, funny, and HOT!!!! His character in the series is Prince Arthur, which in Medieval legend became the great King Arthur of Camelot. So for the last month, I've been watching this series online as it is not shown on US TV at the moment. They are now on their Season 3. After the cut, I'll post one of the episode.

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Edward and Bella- New Moon

This is my first Twilight fan video. It took me all night and all day making this. It took forever to cut and edit all 3 New Moon trailers and Death Cab for Cutie Meet me on the Equinox music video. I also had a hard time getting the right music. It's not very good but I did my best. I don't know why the quality of the video is not good after I uploaded it to You Tube.

New to the community and a Robsten luv.

Hi LJ friends,

Just joined this community and this is my first entry. I'm not good in writing and possibly won't update this page as much. The entry you will read is going to be all about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. I love Robsten and think they are perfect for each other. So, if you are a Robsten like me, you are welcome to come join me and talk and gush about them. I don't have any pics of them as I can't really save much pictures in this old computer of mine. I don't have too much bandwith as it is.

I don't know my way around Live Journal yet. I'm just starting to give this page some look. I know many people here are good in personalizing their pages. I need help in this department. Any suggestion is welcome and appreciated.